Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sunday 18th June

Exercise: 20km Run - Warby Trail It was so nice to meet up with Michelle at a decent time of the day (11.30am), rather than the early morning starts we usually have. And we were blessed with the weather today. Clear blue skies and wonderful sunshine! I drove up to Wandin and waited for Michelle, who was running up from Lilydale. She had great pleasure in scaring the bejesus out of me when she tapped on the car window while I was reading my book!! We set off down the hill from Wandin, acknowledging with joy that I wouldn't have to run back up that hill as we were being picked up by Marty at Yarra Junction. It was apparent to me about 5km into the run that my legs were feeling fantastic. I normally start off quite slow so that my legs can warm up and unwind, but today they were loose almost immediately. We had to stop at Woori Yallock for a quick toilet break, so we walked up the hill to the public toilets. Can't understand why they don't put toilets closer to the trail as so many people use it. Anyway once back out on the trail again the km's seemed to pass by really quickly. It was only when we got close to Launching Place that I started to feel a little weary, but nothing like I normally feel. We got to Launching Place and realised that we were nearly 1km in front of Gav (we'd used the Virtual Partner again), so we slowed right down, which was what we both needed. As we neared Yarra Junction I still felt like I had a bit more in my legs so upped the pace again. Stupidly I'd forgotten that Michelle had run 10km more than me and although her legs were trying real hard, they wouldn't go any faster, as she was pretty tired. So we just cruised into Yarra Junction, but still about 6 minutes faster than what Gav had estimated. I take my hat off to Michelle. She ran nearly 30km today, which is just amazing. I know she's going to do great at the Melbourne Marathon. Marty picked us up from Yarra Junction and dropped me back off at my car on the way back. My thanks to him for the Powerade and the much needed Snickers bar (yum!). My legs are still feeling good, no real niggles from the knee, which is even better!! I still can't believe that one massage has made all the difference to my legs, but I am definitely going back in 2 weeks for another one!! Alana's Quote: "Don't worry Mum, it wasn't your fault!"