Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thursday 15th June

Exercise: 5km Run - Treadmill, 30 Mins Cross Trainer I knew that I was going to be way too busy today to get my lunchtime run in with Michelle (in fact I missed lunch totally!!) so decided to head down to the gym this morning for a change. I only managed 5km on the treadmill before I had to get off as it was just way too boring. To make matters worse, my mp3 was flat when I turned it on, so I didn't even have any music to distract me. I did enjoy using the cross trainer though. Haven't used it for ages. I was in bed early last night and getting out of bed this morning was so much easier with 8 hours sleep under my belt. I think I actually bounded out of bed! Must do that more often...get more sleep that is!! I've now done over 800km in my older pair of Hurricane Grid 6's, so will be looking to start using my new Hurricane 7's soon. The 6's still feel good but I know that lifespan is probably not much more than 800km. Also gives me a reason to start shopping around for a pair of Grid 8's. Will probably have to look to the US or the UK for a better price. Just too expensive over here. Alana's Quote: "I fell on my buttocks!"