Saturday, June 17, 2006

Saturday 17th June

I had my first real massage this morning (not including hubbies lovely attempts of course)and it was absolutely fantastic.....and quite painful too! I didn't realise how tight my muscles were until CV started to work on them. It felt like I had all these little nodules in my legs and as soon as CV pushed her thumbs into it, it just eased straight away. It was only when she had worked on one leg that I could feel how tight my muscles really were as the other leg was stiff as a board. I can tense my calf muscle and not feel any tightening or pulling at all....and that's a first. Can't remember when my legs have felt this good. Footnote: Hubby is now demanding $$ for his 'professional' massages! Alana's Quote: Me: "It's going to be a lovely sunny day today" Alana: "Is it going to rain?"