Friday, June 16, 2006

Friday 16th June

Exercise: 9km Run - Treadmill The lure of the treadmill called to me again. I charged up my mp3 player last night so at least I had something to run to. I love the music that is currently on it and could just run and run and run to it, as long as it's not on a treadmill. Got to 9km this morning before boredom kicked in! Eating has been really bad this week, and I mean REALLY bad! Too much charity chocolate (yes more charity chocolate has arrived in the staff kitchen!), the staff morning tea yesterday had a vast array of lovely lemon cake, custard scrolls and macaroons, and people seem to be having birthdays at work so there's loads of birthday cake being handed out too. This morning's being a gorgeous Mud Cake! And I'm going to the party tonight of the person who's birthday it is today and they've told me that they're having a Vanilla Slice birthday cake. Now this is not just any Vanilla Slice cake, this is from the shop that keeps winning the Vanilla Slice Competition so I'm just going to have to have a piece of this cake. Michelle is picking me up and we're going over to her place to have a few glasses of bubbly while we get ready. And I'd forgotten the above when I booked a massage with CV tomorrow morning for 10am!! Hope she doesn't mind the smell of champagne coming out of my pores! Looking forward to the massage as my legs are feeling quite fatigued at the moment. Just hope that Beki & EJM's comments about how she always seems to find the niggly sore spots are not true!! My one concession is that I'm trying to drink 2 litres of water per day, so if nothing else at least the body is hydrated!! Alana's Quote: "Mum am I eating a dead chicken?"