Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tuesday 20th June

Exercise: 10km Run - Mullum Mullum Creek Trail My god, how cold was it this morning!! I had ice on my windscreen. Luckily I'd put a jug of water on the front porch last night so it was easy just to chuck it over the windscreen. It cleared easily with the wipers going!! In the UK I always had a can of De-Icer next to the front door. Haven't seen it sold over here though (not that it's really needed, mind you). It's literally a spray can filled with stuff that instantly dissolves the ice as you spray it on the windows.....great stuff!! Anyway back to the run. Had 4 layers on this morning. I didn't even get warm enough to take my jacket off. The beanie kept my ears warm and my gloves kept my fingees warm too. I did take the gloves off about 40 minutes into the run as my hands had warmed up by then. The run was a very slow, easy one!! Alana's Quote: "Ooh Yeah Baby!" (she was playing her PSP!)