Saturday, June 24, 2006

Saturday 24th June

Exercise: 10km Run - Treadmill, 30 Mins Crosstrainer, Situps I was determined to get to the gym this morning as I've been pretty slack this week. Got there before the doors had been unlocked so had to wait for 5 mins or so. Luckily it wasn't very busy so I got a treadmill straight away. For some reason this morning 10km went fairly quickly. Didn't do any real pace as I wanted to keep it fairly easy due to my long run tomorrow. I enjoyed the cross trainer too and was dripping wet when I walked out of the gym. My stomach is certainly feeling the ab workout that I did. Can't remember the last time that I did any abs, that's how slack I've been. It was great to have a bit more time in the gym this morning. Normally I only get an hour and have to cram as much as I can into it, so to have 2 hours this morning was bliss!! We went to the Drive In tonight, even though it was a bit wet. Nick and Alana have never been so it was a real buzz for them. I used to love going to the drive in when I was a kid, and even in my late teens with my boyfriend, used to love reversing the "wagon" and laying in the back watching the movies. Bit sad that there are hardly any around now! Alana's Quote: "Oh crap!"