Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Tuesday 27th June

Exercise: 10km Run - Mullum Mullum Creek Trail I swear it's getting colder and colder every time I get up early. It took me till about 7km before I warmed up enough to take my jacket off. Gloves and beanie stayed firmly in place!! The new Grid 7's had their inaugural (sp?) run this morning. And was I p*#*ed off when I ran through a puddle within about 10 minutes of running...aaaghhh, my lovely new trainers are dirty already! They felt great to run in though. For some reason my legs felt really strong right from the word GO! Compared to the 6's they are much more comfortable with alot more cushioning (well it feels like it anyway!!). So my big decision now is do I buy another pair of 7's or go for the 8's?? My girlfriend in the UK has been flying over to the US on a regular basis lately and has volunteered to buy me a pair of Grids while she's over there. I just need to let her know shoe size. Does anyone know if you can buy trainers Duty Free at New York Airport? Forgot to mention that I bruised my thumb playing Netball last night, but because it doesn't affect my running at all, I'm happy to live with the pain!! Alana's Quote: "Don't worry Dad, you're going to die well before me!"