Saturday, July 01, 2006

Saturday 1st July

Exercise: 20km Run - Dandy Creek Trail I met Michelle at Jells Park this morning. She ran from Boronia Road, so had already run 11km before she met up with me. The weather was looking a bit dodgy with the possibility of rain so we started out pretty much as soon as Michelle arrived. The wind was quite strong so we got buffeted around a bit, but still managed a good pace, even though Gav kept telling us to slow down!! The turnaround at the 10km mark came up pretty quickly (which made a change!!). Running back we ran most of the way into a headwind. This really seemed to knock alot of energy out of us, but the thought of getting rained on kept me running! I had the day off yesterday and even though I really wanted to go for a run, there were so many other things on my list of things to do that I didn't actually get the chance to go. However I did manage to get 4 loads of washing done and most of it dried outside (so nice not to have washing all over the house drying!). I'm going to a Champagne breakfast house warming tomorrow morning, so I'm hoping to get up early to go for a quick 5km long as I get up early enough! Alana's Quote: "Go on Mum, you know you should say yes to me!"