Thursday, July 06, 2006

Thursday 6th July

Exercise: 5km Run/Walk - Local Streets The alarm scared the pants off me when it went off this morning. And I was in the middle of having a really fantastic dream! It's such a nice feeling to help someone else get started doing something. I met Michelle (another one!) at the end of the road and we headed out into the darkness with the horse/dog leading the way! We ended up doing 1 minute of running with 3 minutes of walking. It worked quite well as she was still able to talk even when running. I dropped her off as we walked past her house and then ran home, which was about a kilometre. Had my massage last night. My legs definitely didn't feel so tight and knotty like they did last time, although I have a bit of a problem with my right hamstring. No sooner had CV managed to loosen and relax it, it tightened up again. Hopefully it will learn to loosen and stay loose with time and more manipulation. And the legs did feel good this morning when I ran home. Looking forward to doing the pump class tomorrow morning.....must keep remembering "light weights, light weights!!" Alana's Quote: Me: "Come on Alana, it's time to get out of bed" Alana: "Can you help me, it's too hard!"