Friday, July 07, 2006

Friday 7th July

Exercise: Body Pump Class Having never done this class before I was unsure what to expect. The instructor was lovely and when I told her that I hadn't done a pump class before she took the time to show me what I needed and how the class worked....okay, great so far!! I put 1kg weights on each end of the bar. Looking around the room, everyone, and I mean everyone, had heavier weights than me and I was so tempted to put heavier ones on, but my voice of reason grabbed me by the hair and reminded me that I would regret it dearly if I even stepped over towards where the weights were stored. To cut a long story short, I really enjoyed the class. I know that I could have done the whole class with heavier weights and got through it okay, but it was good to concentrate on the techniques involved rather than the weights I was lifting. The only downside (if there was one) were the squats and lunges that we did as I've got a long run on Sunday and the instructor did say that I would probably hurt a bit for the next couple of days. Just hope it doesn't infringe too much on my running, otherwise I'll be looking for a piggyback from one of the guys on the way back to the car!! I am definitely going to do the class again next Friday, but this time will experiment with the weights and what I'm comfortable lifting. And the good thing about doing a 6.15am class is that it wasn't busy. There were probably between 15 and 20 women so there was plenty of room to spread out. Still haven't heard back from the organisers of the Melbourne Marathon. Might give them a call this afternoon (yes I'm an impatient cow sometimes!!). Alana has rejoined gymnastics on a Saturday morning so I have the perfect opportunity to go for a 7 or 8km run. Just drop her off at the door and pick her up when she's finished!! Just have to decide where I want to run. It'll mostly be on concrete as there's not any trails locally...oh well, just have to take what I can get! Alana's Quote: " I don't want to hear it!"