Saturday, July 08, 2006

Saturday 8th July

Exercise: 7km - Croydon I felt like I was flying this morning.....well for me I was flying. Did 7km in just over 37 minutes. Couldn't believe it when I stopped Gav and checked the stats!! That's the fastest I've run for a long time!! My bum is a bit sore from the pump class yesterday. I knew the squats were going to do this to me, so last night I really thought that I'd got away without any pain as I wasn't hurting at all!! Unfortunately I woke this morinig with bum pain!! Saw my Mum this morning as well. She was just coming out of her circuit class at the Leisure Centre, which is where Alana does her gymnastics. I love that my Mum is into her exercise. Gives me a good feeling to know that she's keeping herself well! Alana's Quote: "Mum, when am I going to get big boobies?"