Friday, July 21, 2006

Friday 21st July

Exercise: Body Pump Class - Gym Oh how my calves screamed at me this morning when doing lunges!! Because the Body Attack class I did last night is pretty much jumping up and down the whole time, the poor old calves really copped a pounding! I added a bit more weight this morning and it felt fine. I'm feeling a little bit achy right now, but that could be a combination of the weights and also the arm movements from last night, as we had our arms punching in the air or out front for the majority of the time!! On the weather front...WTF!!! Check out the temperature when when I put my little tooties out of the bed this morning (5.30am)! Got sent an email yesterday which had loads of different slogans that had been seen on t-shirts. Reminds me of the black t-shirt I've got in my drawer that was given to me as a christmas present one year. It says: "Oi, stop staring at my tits!!" The writing is quite small so you have to be quite close to read it. You can probably understand why I don't wear it out too often!! Am toying with the idea of playing a game of Squash tonight, but don't want to totally kill myself when I know that I've got a 1/2 Marathon on Sunday. I suppose I could use tomorrow as a rest day....hmmm!!