Friday, July 14, 2006

Friday 14th July (Part 2)

Exercise: 10km Run - North Croydon (Lunchtime) As yesterday's run with Michelle was postponed, we ran today. I wasn't sure how I was going to go as my legs were a little tired from this morning's pump class. I also had a little niggle in my knee, probably from the lunges. We set off really slowly and my knee was giving me a little bit of trouble, but after about 10 minutes it seemed to disappear and was fine after that. We ran "the hill" today as I always tend to avoid them if I can. I want to try and get out of that habit as I think that hills are great training for speed and strength. So I'm going to actively go looking for them on my shorter runs now. When I was in the UK I worked for Surrey Police and their head office was on top of a hill, so if I went for a run at lunchtime I always had to run up this huge bloody hill to get back to work. I got good at running up hills!! I signed up for the Sri Chinmoy Princes Park 1/2 Marathon this week. Michelle is going to do the 30km run so I'll run with her for 3/4 of the race and then she'll run the last bit whilst I get the pancakes organised!! I'm going to take lemon juice and sugar with me as they only have honey there and I don't like honey (fussy cow that I am!). Will be nice to catch up with the Ausrun crew as many of them will be in attendance. Alana's Quote: "Mum you're killing me!" (I gave her vegetables covered in Cheese Sauce for dinner)