Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sunday 6th August

Exercise: 34km Bike Ride - Warby Trail So my longed for run yesterday didn't eventuate. I woke up and realised that my lungs are still not at full capacity and I probably wouldn't be doing myself any favours if I tried to run. I decided that rather than run today I'd ride my bike and keep Michelle company instead. We met up at 7am at Mt Evelyn. TigerBoy, Eat Em, John & Ron were also there. The first 12km are pretty much all downhill, so there wasn't too much peddling, rather more braking!! There were still plenty of people on the trail even at 7am. We saw a Hot Air Balloon, which was an amazing sight as it was pretty close by. Don't they make one hell of a noise though!! Turned around at the 12km mark and started the climb back up to Mt Evelyn. On the bike it doesn't really feel like much of a hill, but I know from running it that looks are very deceptive and it's one of those inclines that just keeps going and going. Once we got to Mt Evelyn we said goodbye to John and Ron and continued on our way down to Lilydale. Once more the brakes were used regularly. Turned back around at Lilydale and made our way back up to Mt Evelyn. A great run by Michelle and the guys. I know that I'm definitely not fit enough to do those distances at all and I really take my hat off to them, especially Michelle who has worked so hard to get where she is now. We were going to stop at the coffee shop for coffees after the run/cycle but everyone had something to do this afternoon so it didn't happen. I want to say a huge thanks to my Hubby who was outside last night in the cold putting the bike rack thing on the car for me and getting my bike organised so that I didn't have to be mucking around with it at 6.30 this morning!! Took this photo of the trail whilst waiting for Michelle, who was otherwise occupied at the time!! Thanks to Steve, Frankie and Spark Driver who all played the inaugural trivia game! I have no idea how I got all 10 questions right, just lucky guesses I suppose!! Alana's Quote: "Mum I can't swallow, my pipes are blocked!"