Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tuesday 22nd August

Exercise: 10km Run - MMCT Got a text at 5.30am from Michelle telling me that it was pouring over her way. Normally this would be a great excuse for me not to run, but I stuck my head out the door and it wasn't raining here, and where we run is closer to my place than her place, so I couldn't really wuss out now could I! Of course within 5 minutes of us running the heavens opened up and it started to pour with rain. On the MMCT we have to run back on ourselves at about the 3km mark, which means passing where we park the cars. So a decision had to be made before we reached the cars whether we would continue running or call it a day. My legs were feeling great this morning and I knew that I just wouldn't be motivated enough to get down the gym tonight for a run so I suggested carrying on. What a great decision that was. Literally within about 5 minutes of running past the cars the rain stopped!! So glad we kept on running. I was in the supermarket at lunchtime waiting in the express checkout queue (which was about 10 deep, so not really express at all!!) and I had this old couple standing behind me. My god, please shoot me if I ever whinge as much as this couple did!! Didn't matter what the subject was, all I could hear was them complaining about it!! Is that what happens as you get older? Is there nothing good in life to talk about at that age?? Alana's Quote: "Can't remember!" (when asked what she did at school today!)