Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sunday 13th August

Exercise: 13.5km Run - Lilydale/Croydon Football Oval Hubby very kindly offered to take Alana swimming this morning so that I could watch the City 2 Surf on the TV. And I SO wanted to be there. I'm still kicking myself that I didn't go. I even considered jumping on a plane yesterday morning and flying up there!! Michelle did really well. 77 something I think. And she was going to pick me up one of those red hats that everyone was wearing. Well even if I didn't go I'm sure going to look like I did!! Today's long run was a bit of a catastrophe! I really wanted to run MMCT but we were a bit worried that Alana may have had a few problems with the trail as she's got a new bike and wasn't too confident riding it, so we thought that Lilydale Lake might have been a better option. I got 2 laps done before all hell let loose and she had a big hissy fit (won't go into details!!). We then decided that we'd find a fairly quiet area so that she could fly her new kite that Hubby had bought her. So I ended up doing laps of Croydon Footy Oval. Wasn't too boring as the sun was out, I could watch Alana and Hubby trying to get the kite in the air, and 400 metres comes around very quickly!! Had to stop after about 6.5km as Alana had enough of the kite and wanted to go home! I was going to run home but the lure of the car, the fact that I wasn't feeling 100% and also my stomach was growling made getting into the car a very easy choice!! Alana's Quote: Me: "I've told you 4 times already Alana" Alana: "Actually it was only 3 times Mum!"