Monday, August 21, 2006

Sunday 20th August

Exercise: 34km Bike Ride - Bellarine Rail Trail A very early start this morning. TigerBoy appeared on my doorstep at 5.30am. We went past Michelle's house and picked her up and got down to Geelong at about 7am. There was already a crowd of runners in the carpark. Michelle and I nipped off to the loos, which were inside the Geelong Showgrounds. There was a market setting up there and I stopped off to get a Latte and a toasted Bacon & Egg sarnie, then proceeded to eat and drink in front of everyone (sorry guys!!). It was a great trail to ride and run along. I had my MP3 player plugged into one ear so that I could still chat to Michelle, and then proceeded to sing most of the way along the trail. I'm sure it made Michelle run that much faster just so we could get to the end and I would stop singing!! It was a beautiful day too. Maybe a little bit too windy, but it certainly didn't take long to warm up. I even had to slap some sunscreen on Michelle's shoulders! Michelle probably didn't have the best of runs today, but she still kept on going to the end. Great effort Chick! I just know you're going to do it easy on Race day! It was great to say hi to Steve, Spark Driver, Eat Em, Chilliman and all the new people that I met yesterday. Took a few photos of the day. Steve and Spark Driver have some photos on their blog too!