Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thursday 17th August

Well I've done a bit fat zilch exercsie wise this week. The cold returned with a vengence on Monday night. I got up so many times during the night to blow my nose, get a drink of water and go to the loo that I was a walking zombie when the alarm went off. I even SMS'd Michelle at about 4am to tell her that I wouldn't be running. And I had every intention of running when I went to bed too. Yes I had a little bit of a sniffle but it kicked in really badly during the night!! Hence my lack of doing anything, apart from overeating and also drinking way too much Jack Daniels. One of my work colleagues went to China and whilst coming back through Duty Free, picked me up 2 litres of the golden amber!! I've got into this little habit of pouring a drink as soon as I walk in the door, followed by another...not good! I'm just getting over the cold now so hopefully I'll be able to get out for a run on Saturday morning. It'll have to be early though as Alana has a competition with her Gymnastics so I'll have to be there for that! On Sunday a few of the ESRG are heading down to Geelong to do a Fat Ass Bellarine Rail Trail Run. As Michelle is going to run I thought it would be nice to ride along with her again (I'm definitely not fit enough to run 34km!). Of course that means leaving home at 5.30am to get to Geelong for 8am!! At least it's going to be a nice day! Check out this website - Running for Fitness. I pinched it from LBTEPA....thankyou! It's got so much information on it. Makes for some very thoughtful reading. Alana's Quote: Hubby: "I could do that" (watching Stunt Motor Cycle riders on TV) Alana: "No you couldn't Daddy, you'd hurt yourself!"