Saturday, August 19, 2006

Saturday 19th August

Exercise: 8km Run - Local Run My body was screaming to go for a run so I made myself get up when the alarm went off at 7am even though I didn't go to bed until midnight last night! I had to wait for a little while for ahem...'things' to happen before I could head out the door, but once that was all out of the way I was off and running. Of course I hadn't checked my MP3 player for battery life and it died at about the 3km mark so the rest of the run was agony, listening to my own pathetic breathing!! I'd really wanted to do a 10km run but due to the loss of time before the run I could only do 8km as I had to be home around 8am to get ready to watch Alana doing her gymnastics. I actually think that 8km was enough for the old body though. I felt quite wrecked once I'd stopped running. I think that may have something to do with the fact that I included little 6 second bursts of speed every 5 minutes or so during the run. Not sure if it made much difference, but it sure worked the legs a bit! I'm not sure if this enforced rest has been good for my body or not. I certainly felt like I'd lost a bit of fitness during the run, even though it's only been 6 days since I've done any running, but I have to take into account also that I haven't been well, I've eaten pretty badly and I've drunk an excess of JD this week too!! As there is only about 7 weeks before the Melbourne 1/2 Marathon I need to seriously get back into some proper training so that I can at least run the distance with Michelle, who will be relying on me to help her get through the second half of the marathon. Okay I just need to pull my finger out and get things into perspective with regards to both my eating and running (and alcohol consumption!!). I can do this, I know I can! Alana's Quote: "Your hair's really messy Mum" (I'd just got out of bed!)