Monday, August 21, 2006

Monday 21st August

Exercise: Netball Game Another late night last night meant that I didn't get out of bed this morning for the spin class I was hoping to do. At least I turned the alarm off so that I didn't get woken up early. No alcohol yesterday - Yay me! It got to about 5pm and I was so haning out for a glass of champers. I knew there was also a full bottle of Jack Daniels in the cupboard but I'd asked hubby not to open the bottle as I'd like to try and go back to restricting the alcohol to weekends only, and if he opened the bottle I knew how easy it would be to come in from work and pour myself a glass or two! Netball tonight was tough. Michelle wasn't playing, and the other girl who normally swaps with Michelle wasn't playing either, so I got to play center for 3 quarters of the game. Yep, I certainly got a good workout! Haven't played center in a long time so I may feel it a bit tomorrow. I did, however, manage to lose my temper a little bit with the girl who I was playing against. She kept stopping right in front of me deliberately so that I would plough into her and she would get a free pass. Really got me peed off and in the end I asked her why she was doing it (probably not in the friendliest tone). She told me I should keep further away from her!! WTF!!! Alana's Quote: "It's as good as bronze!" (bronze, gold, it's all the same to her!!).