Saturday, August 26, 2006

Saturday 26th August

Exercise: 15 Mins Cross Trainer, 15 Mins Bike Yesterday my girlfriend at work asked if I'd meet her at the gym early this morning so that I could show her how to use the Cross-trainer. Me being me, I was more than happy to oblige. Unfortunately I'd forgotten that I was going out last night for "drinkies" with the ESRG to wish Beki so long, farewell and good luck with moving to Sydney. And me being me, I didn't want to let my friend down so I hauled myself out of bed at 7.30 this morning and wearily made my way to the gym. I didn't actually have a hangover, but I didn't get to bed before 1am and I didn't sleep fantastically well either and I really didn't want to be there which you can probably see from the amount of exercise that I actually did while I was there!! And I really had no energy or enthusiasm to do any kind of exercise later in the day either. I did, however have plenty of energy to wander around the shopping centre this afternoon. It was pure luxury, as I didn't have Alana with me. So nice just to be able to pop in and out of shops at random without someone constantly saying "can we go now!". I bought a waterproof rain jacket while shopping in Rebel. It's the same as the one that Michelle bought, but I got a different colour from her so that we wouldn't look like the Bobsy Twins!! Bring on that rain! There's a song that's on the radio at the moment that I am absolutely loving. It's by a group called Peter, Bjorn and John and it's called Young Folks. I just keep hitting repeat every time it finishes. Sorry but I can't find a link to it! Alana's Quote: "I want a husband but I don't know where to find one!"