Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sunday 27th August

Exercise: 20km Run - MMCT I was going to run this afternoon whilst Alana was at a roller skating birthday party but decided at the last minute that I'd go out this morning instead. Hubby took Alana swimming so it was the ideal opportunity. So I merrily trot off to the MMCT. Started out relatively slow but I wanted to work on increasing my stride as I'd had a discussion with Em on Friday night about it and wanted to test it. It certainly made a difference to my times. I did the first 10km in 53.29 which is the fastest I've ever run 10km!! Had to do a double take as I just couldn't believe what Gav was telling me!! I'm going to have to ask some questions on the forum about how to make my stride longer. I did find it difficult as my legs just didn't want to lengthen naturally. It was a real effort. So much so that I had to slow down for the next 10km as I'd really pushed myself and didn't seem to have alot of energy to keep the pace going. I definitely didn't negative split, that's for sure!! I'm really chuffed with my time anyway. Did 20km in 1.48 something, which is another personal best for me. Still shaking my head on that one. I'm going to download Gav shortly to see if he was playing up and it actually comes up with different info once it's been downloaded!! Can you tell that I'm not convinced!!! Alana's Quote: "I look beautiful don't I!"