Saturday, September 23, 2006

Saturday 23rd September

Exercise: 7hrs walking around Royal Melbourne Show We got to the show at 9am so that we could get a decent parking spot and enjoy some of it before the crowds arrived!! Met Marty, Michelle and their brood at the entrance and proceeded to work our way from one end of the show to the other! We'd asked Alana to pick out her showbags before we went so that all we had to do was wander through the showbag pavillion on the way out. Just meant that we didn't have to carry showbags around all day (more on the showbag pavillion later!!). We wandered through one pavillion and got out before Marty & Michelle, so Alana and I saw the Nova 100 tent and went to check it out. Alana got a guy working there to make her up one of those things that have numbers inside them (can't remember what they are called). Anyway I was chatting to the guy who was making it up, just small talk about the show. Went back over to the pavillion to find everyone had just walked out. Michelle's girls raced over to the Nova 100 tent and came screaming back to tell us that Deano from Big Brother was over at the tent.....yep, it was the same guy who I'd chatted to. I had no idea it was him!! And I'm embarassed to say that I was an avid Big Brother watcher! Here's a photo of the girls with Deano We went over to the arena to sit down and have lunch and watch the Monster Trucks. That was great fun. I want one of these trucks!! Then it was time for the rides. I'm still a big kid when it comes to rides and I would have gone on all of them if we'd had the time and money!! Instead Michelle, me, Caitilin and Alana went on the Big Wheel. Now it was very windy today and being up very high in the air is even windier. I had to hang on to the bars until it got going!! Great view though. Next it was the Space Roller. I dragged Brianna and Rebecca (Michelle's other 2 girls) on this ride. It is one of those rides where you just hope that the harness doesn't come undone!! I even had to close my eyes a couple of times!! Here's a video of it too! We checked out the Dog Pavillion where they were doing some judging. There was one puppy who just wasn't going to move for his owner. The owner had to physically pick the dog up and move it, and these wern't small dogs either!! He got a standing ovation from the crowd, and the puppy got 2nd place!! Then it was on to the Showbag Pavillion. Now we ended up walking in through a side door but we were supposed to go in through the front door. They were queuing up to get in!! The amount of people in this pavillion was ridiculous. It was just so over crowded. Anyone who has claustrophobia would not stand a chance!! And we couldn't find one of the showbags that Alana wanted, and the one that I wanted was sold out and they wern't expecting more bags until 5pm! I'm going to write to the people at the show and complain. Why they can't find a better system to control the crowd is beyond me. How about making it one way for a start! And how about a map to show where all the showbags are within the pavillion rather than walking around aimlessly trying to find the one you want!! So we made our way back to the car, via the Woodchop Pavillion. It was very crowded so we couldn't sit down anywhere. By this stage I just wanted to get out of there! We were very lucky with the weather as they had predicted showers and we didn't get any rain. We did, however, manage to pick up a bit of sunburn (or wind burn) on the face! On the way home saw a number plate where they'd used another way of spelling a word, probalby because the original spelling had already been taken - CHIEKI Alana's Quote: "The red car didn't get damaged at all!" (see picture of Monster Truck above!!).