Saturday, September 30, 2006

Saturday 30th September

Exercise: 50km Bike Ride - Home to Jells Park & return Got some exciting news.....Bazza is on his way! Gav is being upgraded! He will go on Ebay shortly to find himself a new loving home. Bazza is the Forerunner 205 that I've just bought. I just hope it arrives before the Melbourne 1/2 Marathon on Sunday. Alana was spending the afternoon and evening with my parents today so Hubby and I decided to get the bikes out and go for a ride. I wanted to show him all the local bike tracks so that he has different options when he decides to ride home from work. I wasn't acutally sure exactly how far it was to Jells Park, realising once we got there that it is about 25km! It was a great day for a ride, with the sun shining all afternoon. It was even warm enough for just some shorts and a singlet (see Stu, I'm getting there!). I did put on my long sleeve tech top for the journey home as it had cooled down heaps by then, especially when cycling along some of the trails which have lots of trees. Quads are now feeling quite sore, but I've rubbed some Tiger Balm in and have got the Skins on, just to help the legs out a little bit. I was planning on meeting up with the ESRG for a 14km run along the Warby Trail tomorrow morning, but I think I might find a flatter course, just to give the quads a break. I took Beki's advice and went over to Myer yesterday to check out the Bendon Sports Bras. Ended up buying 2 of them. They are very comfortable and certainly do hold the girls in place well. I also tried on the Berlei Legend Sport Bra but found it to be really pointy and didn't look very nice at all, which was a shame as it was $20 cheaper than the Bendon! I also popped into Kmart and picked up a pair of Torpedo Evotech compression shorts and a compression sleeveless top. They were only $30 each, and although not in the same class as Skins, they are still good enough quality, not to be sniffed at. Back to work on Monday :o(