Sunday, September 04, 2005

Burnley 1/2 Marathon

I'm going to learn one day that if I eat and drink properly the day before a 1/2 marathon, I'll probably stand a much better chance of completing a run without feeling like I'm about to die!!....anyway on to the day! Of course it was cold this morning...think I'm getting used to it now - either that or I'm just complaining less!! Anyway it was foggy and cold when we got to Burnley. Managed to find a parking spot (thank goodness for Michelle's 4WD). As usual we got there at least 1/2 hour early so we sat in the car and kept warm. We got out of the car as late as possible, went and registered and had the obligatory wee before the race. It was nice to see the blokes queuing for the loos for a change!! We caught up with Tiger Boy and chatted to him. Also met Jegster and Slim from the Aus Run forum (hello guys!) Nice to put faces to names. We wandered over to what we thought was the start line only to turn around and see that everyone else was starting the other way, in which case we were about 20 metres or so in front of we wandered back down to the back of the pack! Sorry Eat Em but I had to start with my jacket and gloves on, it was just too damn cold not to! Of course by the 3km mark the sun had come out and I was way too hot, so both Michelle and I dropped the jackets by a tree near the finish line. I also had to get rid of my water bottle (which goes around my middle) as it wasn't sitting very well and kept riding up. We were both very comfortable for the first 15km or so, with Tiger Boy and Slim calling out as they passed us on the other side of the road each time around the circuit. After that Michelle's knees were starting to feel the pain of running on the road and I was just starting to flag overall, probably due to the crap food that I'd eaten yesterday. The last 4km were definitely the hardest, especially the incline as we passed the start finish line. Over the last 3km we both slowed down to catch our breath and get up enough energy to get over the line. What a joy it was to see that big finish sign as we came round the last bend. And it was lovely to see half of our usual cheer squad cheering us on as we crossed the line. The time....2.00.30.....woohoo!! A new PB for both of us. We probably could have done it in just under the 2 hours if we hadn't slowed over the last 3km, but I don't care. We still beat our last 1/2 marathon time and that's good enough for me. I want to say what a fabulous lot of people the AV crew are. All of the marshalls cheered us on and encouraged us at every turn and every timing point, and even as we were plodding around for the last time, alot of the runners who had already finished and were heading back to their cars also encouraged us as we ran past them. A great race, and a wonderful place to run...may even consider it again next year!