Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Tuesday 30th August

Exercise: NO Food Intake: Breakfast: Banana Smoothie, 1 Slice Grain Toast with margerine Morning Tea: Banana, 1 Tim Tam Lunch: Chicken Fried Rice, Strawberries in Low Fat Choc Mousse Afternoon Tea: Packet S&V Rice Crackers, Pear Dinner:Chicken Hot Pot with 2 Dumplings, Lite Nannas Apple Pie, Light Vanilla Ice Cream I tend to eat the majority of my junky food at work. I tend to do it when my hubby isn't around to see me. I always feel like I have to justify my eating to him, so instead of justifying it to him, I do it where he can't see me. It's then up to me to decide if I want to tell him about it. More often than not I won't tell him about it. He normally asks me how my eating was. And then I confess all! I'm happy to eat junky food in front of him when he eats it too. Then I don't feel so bad. I can justify my eating it because he is too. I have to question why I feel the need to justify myself to hubby. I know that he eats junky food when I'm not around, but he's more than happy to tell me about it, whereas I won't tell him unless I get asked. Instead I bottle it all up and then get really frustrated and miserable thinking about all the crap food that I've eaten. This then tends to have a knock on effect and the whole family suffers because of my bad mood. I have a fantastic hubby who is very understanding about my eating habits and tries to support me in whatever way he can. Thanks honey! You're great you are!