Monday, November 20, 2006

Monday 20th November

Exercise: Netball Game I've complained alot over the last few months about how cold it is at the Netball stadium, so tonight I wasn't saying a word even though it was like a sauna in the Netball stadium. I harped on about how I would never complain about the heat, but I have to tell you, it was bloody hot in there! I had sweat pouring off me. At least to compensate for the heat, we won our game. We are now in the finals, which start next week. Unfortunately I pulled my right calf a little bit. Not too much that it hurts to walk, but just enough to feel it, although it's in a different spot to where it was last time, much higher up this time. Lots of ice, a bit of massage and some Nurofen Gel should help it, I hope! I hate having a disorganised kitchen, so you can imagine how frustrating it is for me at the moment. I have no cooking appliances, and no running water. This makes it very hard to organise food, which is why my choice of food hasn't been that great since the kitchen has been put in. Roll on Wednesday! Alana's Quote: "It's amazing meeting new people, isn't it!!"