Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday 10th November

Exercise: 30 mins Cross Trainer, Chest, Situps Ah yes, the gym called me again this morning. Isn't it strange how you have two identical pieces of equipment (the cross trainers that I've used this week) yet the one I was using this morning seemed to be so much harder than the one I used on Wednesday morning even though I was using exactly the same settings. I'm terrible for making uninformed decisions about whether I like a person before I've gotten to know them. There's this woman who works at the gym as a floor assistant (is that what they're called Beki?). Anyway I would have to say that she is the most unhelpful person that I've ever seen in a gym. She is hardly ever on the floor, prefers to stand out at Reception and chat to the Receptionists, leaving everyone in the gym to try and fend for themselves. Heaven help us if there was a problem at all. she'd be nowhere to be found....The only reason I saw her this morning was because she had to go to the loo and you have to walk through the gym to get to them. Okay, rant over!! And it's the weekend tomorrow and we all know what that means.....I can go running - YAY!!