Monday, October 23, 2006

Monday 23rd October

Exercise: 30 Mins Cross Trainer Well the weekend was a total writeoff with regards to exercise. I took my daughter rollerskating on Saturday morning and really wanted to get out there on the floor but I'm a bit worried that it may aggrevate my knee, so I sat and watched instead. The afternoon was taken up with shopping and household chores. Yesterday I was going to do a long bike ride with Michelle, but unfortunately she got a bout of gastro and had to pull out. Of course there was nothing to stop me pulling on my trainers and going for a power walk, or jumping in the car and spending some time at the gym, but I chose not to. Instead I got out in the garden and did weeding, weeding and more weeding (it was pretty bad!!). It didn't make up for the bike ride or the power walking, but it was better than sitting on my big fat behind and doing sweet f.a.!! Had a bit of a shock this morning. I knew that my pants were starting to feel a little tighter than normal. Got on the scales and I've put on 3kg!! How did that happen??? Anyway it's given me a little kick in the pants and I've realised that by not running as much and eating the same amount of food equates to weight gain!! So I took myself off to the gym at lunchtime. Am planning on doing lunchtimes at the gym for the rest of the week too. It's just so close to work that I'm being stupid if I don't take advantage of it. Alana's Quote: Mum when you talk to Father Christmas about how good I've been, can I talk to him too as I need to ask him some questions!"