Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wednesday 11th October

Exercise: 7km Run - MMCT Firstly I want to tell you all that Bazza has arrived. The postie knocked at the door first thing yesterday morning to deliver him by cool is that!! I've now programmed him up to my specifications and he had his inaugural run this morning. It was still fairly cool over this way at 6am, but the sun was trying to come out from the clouds. Looking at Weatherzone it was 1.9 degrees when we started our run, but had risen to 7.8 degrees by the time we said goodbye to each other. The run was very slow. Michelle is still in a bit of pain and I was happy to just plod along beside her. My legs are slowly improving, but there is still a small niggle on the side of my left knee. Comparing Gazza and Bazza after the run, they were out by about 20 metres. This may be because Michelle turned Gazza on when she left home, as did I, so it may be that we just picked up different signals....who knows!! The good thing about the 205 is that you can have four windows on the screen rather than only three that were on the 301. Speaking of Gav, I'm going to photograph him and put him up for sale on Ebay today. For anyone interested he'll be going in at a Buy It Now price of $200.