Saturday, October 07, 2006

Saturday 7th October

Well at least they've updated the weather forecast to just a shower or two for tomorrow. But it's got colder. Only a top temperature of 16 degrees, and if that wind's blowing off the water then it's going to be very nipply running along Beach Road. I may still take my running skirt with me, but I'll probably wear my 3/4 compression tights under a pair of 3/4 pants. Will also be wearing new compression top from Kmart underneath a short sleeve tech top. Have decided not to wear my fuel belt as there are water stations every 2km or so. I'm sure that I can pick up some lollies along the way as I think there will be people handing them out on the side of the road. Took my daughter to roller skating practice this morning and I thought that I'd drag my blades out from the pile of dust that were accumulating over the top of them and have a skate around with her after her practice session. I knew as soon as I put the boots on that they felt all wrong. I'm not sure how, but my feet seem to have grown since Alana was born (yes, that's how long I've had the blades!!). Anyway I did one lap of the rink and thought it best to come off. It felt really uncomfortable and it would've been just my luck that I'd do some kind of damage to my feet and then not be able to run tomorrow. I used to love roller skating when I was younger and had my own skates. I saw a lovely purple pair of quads in the sales shop at the skating rink and they wern't too expensive either. It's a really tempting thought to take it up again so that I can spend some quality time with Alana on a Saturday....and how much damage can roller skating do anyway!! Okay, I'm off outside to make the most of the sunshine while it lasts.