Monday, October 02, 2006

Monday 2nd October

Exercise: 7km Run - MMCT I decided against running yesterday even though my legs were not suffering at all. I'd rubbed some Tiger Balm into the quads and slept in my skins on Saturday night and I think this really made a difference. As Michelle is now tapering we only did 7km this morning. It was nice to do a shorter distance for a change. Wasn't it a fantastic day yesterday. I got all of my washing out and dried. Of course I now have a huge load of ironing to do! Following on from Deege's post about the 20 things that piss you off, here's my list to add to hers!! 1. People who drive below the speed limit....WHY???? 2. People who don't indicate when turning a corner....aaaghhhh! 3. Dog owners who let their dog off the leash and then let them run in front of us runners and do nothing to restrain them!! 4. Supermarkets that do not restock their shelves when the item is on special. 5. Work colleagues who leave their mobile phone on their desk and walk away without it....of course it then rings and rings and rings and..... 6. When someone puts an empty margerine container back in the fridge! 7. People that put their bags on the seat next to them when on a crowded train/bus/tram etc. 8. Cyclists who do not use their bell to let you know that they are about to go flying past you whilst you are happily plodding along the trail! 9. Ebayers that don't leave feedback. 10. People who continually channel hop with the remote control! Okay, I can only think of 10. Saw a great number plate this morning: CUMMON