Friday, October 06, 2006

Friday 6th October

Exercise: 6km Run - Treadmill, Situps I woke up before the alarm went off this morning. This is not unusual for me. What was unusual is that I forced myself to get out of bed, rather than turning over and going back to sleep. Don't get me wrong, there was alot of negative thoughts going through my brain, giving me loads of reasons why I should go back to sleep. But the real reason I got out of bed is because I'm not sure if I'm going to get another run in before Sunday and I'm getting a bit worried that I'm not actually going to make the distance, so any form of running at the moment is a good thing in my books! The weather forecast is saying that it's going to most people from the ESRG are going to blame me for that! Sorry guys! I was going to wear my running skirt too, but have changed my mind. There is no way that my legs are going to get cold, wet and clammy running 21km with the wind howling through them! No siree! As I'm going to be standing around the start line for a little while, I've been advised to take a garbage bag to put over myself to keep dry. I can then discard it once Michelle comes running by and I join her. I'd like to get to the start line a little bit early so that I can cheer all the Ausrunners going by. Just hope that I find somewhere to park my car as I remember last year the streets were pretty full. Went and saw CV last night for my massage. Happy to report that in my opinion they didn't feel too knotty and my calves were the only part of the leg that had me curling my toes when CV pressed her magic fingers into them! Of course CV may have thought differently but was just being lenient with the pressure! 2 more sleeps! Alana's Quote: "Mum I love you more than a rabbit does!"