Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tuesday 17th October

Exercise: 2km Run, 3.5km Power Walk Okay, I've admitted it....I have ITB. I met Michelle this morning for our normal 10km run. I knew at about the 2km mark that I should not be running so we ended up power walking instead. I really thought that I'd be able to run through the niggle, but common sense has prevailed and I'm going to rest the knee (now don't you all fall over from amazement!). I will make sure that I do some stretching exercises for it though and I'll also ice it when I remember. I've found some really good stretches on the internet and I went out and bought one of those ice/heat packs a little while ago too - no excuses now, is there? If I want to run again I've got to be serious about looking after the knee. So now I have to start looking at other exercise options. I will probably get alot more use out of my gym membership now. I may even try deep water running, which is done at the local pool. It's something that I've wanted to try for ages but just haven't had the nerve to do. I will also be doing alot of walking. Strange that it doesn't aggrevate the knee at all whereas the running does. There is some good news however. We are now ready to go ahead and get the kitchen done...yay!! It's taken us 12 months to actually get organised, but we're there now. It's going to take about 6 weeks until it's ready, but I've waited this long, what's another 6 weeks! More good news....I won $50 on my weekly Keno ticket....another Yay! My normal win is when I don't get ANY numbers - it's $5 when that happens! And if that's not enough good news, Gav has been sold - more Yay!! I just hope that he's gone to a good home. Hubby has been having problems with his neck so I've been out and bought some Latex pillows. They had 25% off pillows at Harris Scarfe so I wandered down there on Saturday. Not sure if they're comfortable or not. They're not actually uncomfortable but they might just take a little while to get used to, that's all! But a word of warning - they are really, really expensive, and they smell funny! Saw a great number plate yesterday: NO1UNO. Alana's Quote: "Mum did you know that wine makes you drunk?"