Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thursday 9th November

Exercise: 55 min Power Walk I woke up before the alarm this morning for a change and felt wide awake so it was fairly easy to get up even though it was freezing outside. Yes, it was cold this morning... Okay Blogger has decided that it doesn't want to show my images, so let me just say that it was 2.1 degrees at 6am. Compare that to the temp in the city, which was 11 degrees!! It was really weird feeling the different temperatures as I was walking along. There must have been little air pockets as one minute it was very cold, and the next minute it was relatively warm...weird I tell you!! Have to tell you a funny story. Last week when I met up with my girlfriend, I'd questioned the sensibility of wearing white jeans. Now I'm normally not a person who spills things, but the thought did cross my mind, especially as I knew we would be going somewhere for dinner. But me being me says "nah, can't happen to me!!". Got through the first round of drinks in the Sports Bar at the Casino. Even managed tot get through the next 3 rounds without spilling a drop!! Then we decided to eat. Chose the food court as there was a good selection of food to choose from. We all decided on Chinese (only a small plate mind you!!). We then went to sit down at a table. Just as I slid into the seat, I put my plate down on the table and the majority of it tipped into my lap!! It was not a good look! The biggest problem was that it was about 8pm, so all of the normal shops were shut. Thank goodness for late night shopping at the Casino!! One of the surf shops was still open. I did get a few stares from people walking by when they saw the colour of my jeans though!! That plate of chinese food cost me $95!!! Alana's Quote: "How old is Grandma?" Me: "You'll have to ask her that question"