Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thursday 16th November

Exercise: 28 Mins Treadmill (4 min walk warm up, 20 min run, 4 min walk cool down), Biceps, Situps My wonderful Hubby went into this shop yesterday and bought me one of these ITB Bands(the Pro-Tec one). I was hoping to get to the gym last night to try it out but we had to go over to the Kitchen guy and look at some door handles for the kitchen. On a side note, my kitchen looks fantastic. He's got it all assembled at the moment so that he can make sure it all fits together properly on Saturday. I'm just so excited now, especially as I've seen how good it looks. Roll on Saturday! Anyway, back to the knee. I got up this morning and headed down to the gym with ITB strap firmly in place. Got on the treadmill and did a fast walk just to warm up. Then upped the speed to 9kph. I didn't want to go too fast to start out so just did a really slow jog....the knee felt okay. Upped it a bit more after 5 mins of jogging....still okay. Got up to 10kph....still no pain. I continued running for 20 minutes - yes, 20 minutes, with absolutely no pain in my knee at all. Hallelujah!! Now my question is whether or not the ITB strap made the difference, or whether it was the cupping, together with the massage that made the difference. I suppose the only way to really find out is to run without the ITB strap and see what happens.... I'm still having that streak of good luck - 4th division in Tattslotto last night!