Sunday, June 05, 2005

Sunday 5th June

Exercise: 18km run Food Intake: Breakfast: Porridge with Banana Lunch: 2 Slices Rye Toast with margerine, 1 Muesli Bar Dinner: Chicken coated in crumbs, potato wedges, Trifle, 1 Glass Champagne Oh my aching legs. I felt great when I'd finished the run, but by the time I got home and had a shower the pain started. Michelle and I have agreed that we will do the 1/2 marathon in July especially as we felt really strong today running the 18km. I've been told that it's a flat course as well, which can only work in our favour. We're not aiming for any personal best times, just running to finish!! Me and hubby went to the pictures to see Star Wars tonight. I'd bought him 2 tickets to the luxury cinema ages ago and we used those. And you got food delivered to your seat, and alcohol too. It was a nice ending to the the day, but the food definitely wasn't worth $12.50! We both wanted something yummy to take home after the movie so we stopped at the supermaket. I just couldn't make up my mind what I wanted. Definitely didn't want chocolate (I can't believe it myself!!) and I didn't want anything savoury, so I wandered around the bread section looking for a pastry thing, but nothing really tempted me. Eventually I saw the trifle and got that instead. But even when I was eating it at home, I wasn't really enjoying it. Should have not bothered at all!