Monday, May 30, 2005

Monday 30th May

Exercise: Rest Day Food Intake: Breakfast: All Bran with Banana & Skim Milk Morning Tea: Muesli Bar Lunch: Chicken Fried Rice, Dark Chocolate Bar, Nougat Choc Bar Dinner: 2 Egg Sandwiches on Gluten/Wheat Free Bread Thought I'd give the body a rest today as I pushed it quite hard last week, and with the 10k run yesterday my hips are a bit sore. Back into it tomorrow. I'm not sure what to do now foodwise. Do I just stick to what I've been eating over the last 3 weeks and hopefully continue with some more weight loss, or do I incorporate other foods back into my diet that I haven't been eating? I'll probably do a bit of both and see what happens. If I start putting on weight again then I'll probably revert bact to detox eating. Update: So I still haven't gotten over my sugar craving, hence chocolate at lunch time.