Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Tuesday 24th May

Exercise: Weights, Situps Food Intake: Detox Day 16 Breakfast: Porridge with Banana Morning Tea: Banana Lunch: 2 Banana Sandwiches, Muesli Bar Afternoon Tea: Box of SaKaTa Rice Snacks, Box of Lemon & Lime Shortbread Biscuits Dinner: 2 Slices Toast, 1 Cup of Decaf Tea I had a really late night last night, so was in two minds about getting up for the gym this morning. but the body just did it automatically without me even thinking about it. Wonders will never cease!! I seem to have had a banana day today. Once again I think it's those sweet cravings coming out in me and the sweetest thing I've been eating is bananas! Afternoon Tea was a bit of a write off though. Went to the supermarket at lunch time to pick up a few things to get me through till Sunday and I put the snacks in the trolley with the intention of putting them in my drawer at work and picking on them through the rest of the week. But me being the person that I am ended up eating both boxes this afternoon. God I feel sick. Serves myself right. Piggy, piggy, piggy!!