Thursday, May 19, 2005

Thursday 19th May

Exercise: 1 Hr Treadmill (10.5km) Food Intake: Detox Day 11 Breakfast: Porridge with Banana Morning Tea: Carrot Sticks Lunch: Banana Sandwich, Muesli Bar Afternoon Tea: SaKaTa Rice Snacks (Chicken Flavoured) Dinner: Chicken Roll with Macadamia Nuts & Honey, Stir Fry Veggies Doesn't it get monotonous running on the treadmill? I'm finding it so boring now. Really wish that I could run outside instead, but at 6am it's still pitch black and I hate running when it's dark, even though I live in a nice area. There's always that thought in the back of my head that the boogyman is going to jump out at me. I need to figure out a way that I can make running on the treadmill fun.....any ideas? Those SaKaTa snacks are so nice. I did say previously that I wasn't going to buy any more, but I did, so there!! And I ate the whole box of them too! The detox book finally arrived today...hooray! It's an easy book to read too, so at least I don't have to slog through it without understanding anything. But I'm a little disappointed in the recipes section. I was hoping that there were going to be lots of wrong I was. Oh well, back to my chicken and veggies!