Monday, May 16, 2005

Monday 16th May

Exercise: 1 hr Treadmill (10.42km) Food Intake: Day 8 Detox Breakfast: Porridge with Banana Morning Tea: SaKaTa Mushi Mushi Snacks Lunch: Chicken Risotto with Veggies, Muesli Bar Afternoon Tea: Banana Dinner: Kashmir Chicken, Brown Rice Can you see a pattern forming with my food.....chicken, chicken, chicken!! Hope that book arrives soon! I'm now starting to up the speed on the treadmill when I run. Started off at 10kph but am now able to run constantly at 10.5kph for at least 30 minutes without the urge (or need) to slow down. Then I try and vary it a bit by upping the speed every minute till I get to 11kph, then slowing back down to 10.5kph for 5 minutes. Then I bring it down to 10.2kph but up the gradient, so every minute it goes up another 0.5 gradient. By that time I'm pretty wrecked so I bring the gradient down to 0 and this feels like I'm running downhill so I up the speed again for the last 5 minutes or so. It's hard work but feels like I've really worked my body hard when I've finished. Got home tonight and went through my cookbooks to see if there was something different that I could cook. I adapted a recipe that used Lamb and made a lovely chicken curry, which included nothing that I wasn't allowed to eat. Tasted excellent too if I do say so myself!!