Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Wednesday 18th May

Exercise: Weights, Situps Food Intake: Detox Day 10 Breakfast: Porridge with Banana Morning Tea: Muesli Bar Lunch: Salmon Sandwich, SaKaTa Plain Crackers Dinner: Chicken, Brown Rice, Cauliflower I so didn't feel like doing much when I got to the gym this morning, so it was a half hearted attempt at lifting weights. Didn't have any problems actually getting up and going to the gym, just wasn't really interested in doing much when I got there!! Well the book still hasn't arrived yet. I was hoping it would be here today but no joy. Just my luck I'm going to get right through the 21 days without it and then it arrives!! I put some Biryani seasoning on the chicken tonight and it was really yummy. Chicken Biryani was the onlly Indian food that I'd actually order if we ever went to an Indian restaurant, which was quite rare as we're not real lovers of Indian food. But this seasoning is really nice so I might be using it often!! I've also precooked a Chicken Roll filled with Maccadamia nuts and honey tonight so that I don't have to wait for it to cook tomorrow night, I can just cut it up and reheat it. I saw it at Leonards and I'm sure that it fits in with my detox, so it'll be a nice change! I can just chuck some veggies together with it. Right, need to get some good sleep in so that I've got the energy to do some running tomorrow!