Saturday, May 21, 2005

Saturday 21st May

Weight: 64.2kg Exercise: NO Food Intake Detox Day 13 Breakfast: Porridge with Banana Morning Tea: Rice Crackers Lunch: Chicken, Mash, Broccolini, Gravy, French Fries, 2 Glasses Champagne Dinner: SaKaTa Mushi Mushi Snacks, 3 Glasses Champagne Forgive me bloggers for I have sinned! We went over to Hawthorn to pick up my number for next week's Run to the G race and we decided to stop and have lunch. We've just bought one of those Entertainment Books, which by the way is great value for money! Anyway we looked through the book and there was a place to eat in Hawthorn which was advertised in the book so we went there (Isa Brown's if anyone's interested). I looked at the menu and there wasn't much, if anything, that really would have fitted in with the detox. They did have a risotto but it had mushrooms in it, which aren't on the list of things I can eat, and I dislike mushrooms intensly anyway. So my next choice was chicken. I was hoping they'd have a chicken ceaser salad on the menu, but it was not to be. Anyway I did have chicken but it had mashed potatoes and gravy with it. So I was totally off plan today. We bought the french fries for our daughter but she would have never got through the amount that they brought out, so of course we had to help eat them! The champagne.....well what can I say. I have never eaten out without having a glass of champers, apart from when I have a race the next day. That's the only time that I won't drink. And it came out automatically when asked what I wanted to drink. I didn't even think about it, the words just escaped out of my of champagne please! And one glass was just not enough. I'd drunk that before the meal had even arrived, so I had to order another one to drink with the meal. Sadly once I'd had a taste I couldn't stop. We went to the supermarket on the way home to get a few things and I laid down the law with my conscience that I'd already done the damage so what harm could a couple more glasses make!! I hang my head in shame. I'm very weak!