Thursday, May 26, 2005

Thursday 26th May

Exercise: 30 Mins Cross Trainer (5.29km), 30 Mins Treadmill (5.02km) Food Intake: Detox Day 18 Breakfast: 2 Slices Toast with margerine Morning Tea: Banana, Rice Crackers Lunch: 2 Egg & Lettuce Wraps, Muesli Bar Afternoon Tea: Muesli Bar Dinner: 2 Chicken Burgers, 2 Slices Gluten/Wheat Free Bread Only 3 more days of the detox. I've decided that I'm going to carry on eating this way, but without all the restrictions. So I'm going to incorporate coffee and tea back in, but only when I really want a cuppa. I normally only have one cup a day anyway, if that sometimes. Margerine has to come back into my diet, but if I keep the bread to a minimum, then the margerine can be kept to a minimum too! I'll still have my porridge and banana each morning as that is very filling and it stops the urge to eat lots mid morning. Hubby and I have both agreed that we haven't missed eating red meat at all, so we're going to leave that out at the moment. And I've really missed my banana smoothies. Looking forward to downing one of those!! I know I could have had them, using soy milk, but I really didn't like the taste of soy milk, so didn't bother. Oh yeah, the alcohol!!