Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Wednesday 1st June

Exercise: 30 Mins Treadmill (5.34km) Food Intake: Breakfast: 2 Slices Rye Bread with Margerine Morning Tea: Banana, Sweet Chili Rice Crackers (15) Lunch: Chicken, Lettuce, 2 Eggs, Low Fat Mayonaise Afternoon Tea: Muesli Bar Dinner: 2 Slices Rye Toast with margerine I could only do 30 minutes at the gym this morning as I had to take my daughter to an 8.30am appointment with the Optometrist. But at least I went to the gym, which is better than not going, then hoping to get there in the evening and then not getting there (does that make sense?). I've been getting home from work and not really feeling very hungry, so rather than shovel food in my mouth anyway, I've just been having something really light. I've found that I'm sleeping much better too. I may look at chaning my food intake so that my main meals are breakfast and lunch so that I can see if this makes much difference to my weight loss. My only concern is that if I don't eat much in the evening am I going to have enough energy to run on the treadmill in the mornings? I don't eat anything before I go to the gym as it's just too early, but I may have to look at maybe eating a banana as I'm getting ready to go out the door. Looking to do a long run on Sunday. Might try and go that bit further. Add another couple of kilometres to my longest distance. I'm even considering doing the 1/2 marathon at the Sandy Point Half on the 17th July. I'm going to have to put lots more work into my running though as I've never run that distance before and the run is only 6 weeks away. Will have to make a decision soon as I've got to get the entry form in. Am I pushing it a bit do you think?