Saturday, March 12, 2005

Saturday 12th March

Weight: 65.8 before run - 65.2 after run Exercise: 1hr 15min Run Food Intake: Breakfast: Bowl of All Bran with No Fat Milk & Chopped Banana Lunch: 2 Salada with Low Fat Philly Cream Cheese, WaterMelon Dinner: Chicken Breast, Cous Cous, Boiled Egg,Green Salad, 3 Glasses Champagne I got up at 7am and went for a fantastic run. Had heaps of energy and only walked a couple of times just to get my breath back. It was a beautiful morning too. Cool but not cold, and once the sun came out it was really pleasant. Forgot my sunnies though so I was squinting into the sun for a while! I'm a bit disappointed about my weight. Not sure why I've not lost more weight. Need to look at portion sizes I think. I lost more weight when I was drinking and eating cakes and lollies. Maybe I'll just go back to that way of eating and enjoying it all....nah....I've realised that it stresses me out too much when I'm eating lots of junky food and drinking too much alcohol. And I'm not really missing the alcohol - well maybe just a little bit. I can always have a glass or two as my treat tonight! Update: Yep I decided that Champagne was going to be my treat. It certainly took it's toll though as it went straight to my head and I was asleep on the couch within about 5 minutes of finishing the third glass!!