Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Tuesday 29th March

Exercise: Treadmill - 45 Mins Run/Walk, Situps Food Intake: Breakfast: Porridge with Golden Syrup Morning Tea: Banana Lunch: Pesto Chicken & Brown Rice, 2 Plums Afternoon Tea: Box Mentos, 1 Curly Wurly Dinner: Chicken Breast with Salad, Fat Free Mayonnaise, 2 Small White Bread Rolls with W/W Margerine Late Snack: 1 Glass JD & Diet Coke Nearly puked at the gym this morning. Was happily running on the treadmill thinking that I'd do 30 mins straight run, have a 5 min power walk and then another 20 mins run followed by 5 mins of cool down. Was feeling good until the 25 min mark and started feeling a bit crook. Had to stop at 30 mins, go in to the changing rooms and put my head between my legs for a couple of minutes. Then had to head for the loos as I thought that last nights dinner was going to come back up (yukky!). Luckily I wasn't sick but was this close to it. Nick's parents have arrived from the UK and kindly picked up a bottle of JD when coming through Duty Free. Hope Nick drinks it quickly otherwise I can see myself coming home from work, pouring myself a JD & putting my feet up....often!