Monday, June 13, 2005

Monday 13th June

Exercise: NO Food Intake: Breakfast: All Bran, Skim Milk, Banana Lunch: Oreo McFlurry Afternoon Tea: Rice Crackers Dinner: Chicken, Lettuce, 2 Eggs, Low Fat Mayonaise, 1 Slice Grain Bread with margerine, 1 Glass Champagne Legs are hurting today, which I knew would happen so I'm giving the body a break. The McFlurry was lovely (not much else to say about it). Think I may be coming down with flu. My daughter has had it for nearly a week now and I can feel my neck starting to ache and I have a slight sore throat. It's probably not the best time for me to be sick as I've got my race next Sunday and I really want to be well enough to run it. Lemsip, cough medicine, day and night capsules and lozenges are all lined up waiting to be used!!