Thursday, June 09, 2005

Thursday 9th June

Exercise: 15 Min Row (3033m), 15 Min Cycle (2.16km), Treadmill - 4km run (21.35min) Food Intake: Breakfast: Porridge with Banana Morning Tea: Rice Crackers Lunch: Chicken, Lettuce, 1 Egg, Low Fat Mayo Afternoon Tea: Cherry Ripe, Snickers Dinner: 2 Slices Grain Toast with margerine I decided to do something different on the treadmill this morning, just to relieve the boredom. I'm going to concentrate on my speed work now if I'm going to do a 1/2 hr run or less. I had the treadmill on flat (no incline) and my aim was to run 4km in 20 minutes. So looking at my results I didn't achieve it, but it was a great feeling to run flat out for a change. I'm going to make 4km in 20 minutes my target and see how long it takes me to get there!! Anything to keep the boredom away! And bored I was today. I went home for lunch and ate the right food like a good girl. But while I was at home I decided (in my fuzzy little head) that I was going to buy a chocolate bar from the machine when I got back to work. When I was standing in front of the machine I instantly bought the Cherry Ripe (as that's one of my favourite choc bars), but the thought went through my head that this wouldn't fill me up so I also bought a Snickers, which I know would definitely give me that choc full feeling. Did I regret buying them??? At the time, definitely not. It was only when I went home and talked about it with hubby that I realised that my thought patterns at the moment are quite abnormal. I justified eating the chocolate because I've done alot of running lately and also because I can fit into my clothes more comfortably at the moment. But then I'm thinking, well why didn't I tell hubby that I was craving chocolate before I went back to work (he was at home yesterday). I know that he would have helped me work through the craving and possibly offered an the muesli bar that was in the cupboard. Or why didn't I just eat the two bananas that were in my drawer at work. They would have given me that sugar fix that it seems my body wanted. Or why didn't I just have a large cup of coffee instead. This normally helps too. I just seem to sabotage any good, honest hard work that I've done with crap eating. Is my body trying to tell me that it's had enough of the restrictions I've put on it over the last 3 weeks? Is it rebelling? And on another note, it's TTOM too!! Not that I realise it half the time as I have an Implanon device inserted in my arm so I don't actually menstruate. So maybe that's the reason that the cravings have hit! It's a long weekend in Melbourne so I'm going to try and eat normally, but not restrictively. I'll see if that changes the way I'm feeling at the moment!