Thursday, July 28, 2005

Thursday 28th Julyl

Exercise: Weights, Situps Food Intake: Breakfast: 2 Slices Grain toast with margerine Morning Tea: 9 Squares of White Chocolate, Fruit Scone with margerine Lunch: Chicken Hot Pot, Brown Rice, Large White Roll with margerine, Low Fat Choc Mousse Snack: 1 Salada with margerine & Low Fat Cheese Slice Late Dinner: 1/2 Hawaiian Pizza, 1 Glass Champagne I feel like a teenager again....I have spots on my face! I know for a fact that it's because of the amount of sugar that I've been consuming lately. If you look back on my diet for the last week you'll see that alot of it is sugar laden, but not much fat. So I have these zits on my forehead and on the side of my face where my hairline is. Luckily there's none on my chin, which is where I usually get them!! I had pizza for dinner tonight. It was a lovely tasting pizza too. Went to the pictures with a girlfriend and we ate afterwards. There wasn't anything too healthy on the menu.....well okay, there were healthy choices like Chicken Salad, but I wanted pizza! I've decided to detox again......more on that later!